Route 3 Wave
Easy access Whitewater Play Spot, which includes an observation area. Once kayakers get a taste of this area, they may never leave this fast and friendly feature. The site of national competitions in 2005 and 2006 where aerial freestyle displays sent top athletes to world championships, the versatile Rt. 3 wave is also the place many beginners catch their first ever front surf. Whether you’re perfecting your rudder or going for big air, the Rt. 3 Wave is the spot for you.

Hole Brothers
Park and Play Whitewater Spot, which includes an observation area. A world-class playspot in its own right, Hole Brothers was the site of numerous rodeo competitions during the sport’s heyday. This friendly feature, backed by a warm, calm pool is the training ground of some of the nations top freestyle paddlers. A friendly spot with a predictable ride and smooth shoulders, Hole Brothers is deep enough for large aerial tricks. There is a large eddy on either side of the hole and a sunny spot where you can watch the action when you are taking a break.

Bottom Moose
“Where the Moose and the Black Meet” While the Upper and Middle Moose offer whitewater for a range of skill levels, the Bottom Moose, where the river runs into the Black River, is world-famous for it’s class V whitewater features and should not be attempted by novice paddlers. After checking in at the Hydro Office across from Crystal Falls, there is an easy access portage site off of Fowlerville Road. This 5 mile run starts immediately with Fowlerville Falls, a 40 ft slide, heads through class V rapids, drops you off Agars Falls, a world-class pool drop, and ends with the Cadillac of The Bottom Moose River, Crystal Falls or “Magilla”. It is a complicated rapid over a series of ledges that climaxes over a 15 foot drop at the end. Magilla is optional with a pull out spot above and easy access for scouting.
The entire river is accessible by foot, which makes this a favorite among spectators and family members alike. Don’t miss Spring Moose Fest, Mother’s Day Weekend, or Fall Moose Fest, the weekend after Columbus Day.